Improves the reading of piano scores and solfege


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Pianotrain is a software that has been developed with the aim of having all musicians be able to improve their ability to read at first sight (SightReading) so as to be able to play piano scores more fluidly as well as to enrich their abilities in sung solfege (SingReading) thanks to the use of a pitch detector.

The program includes theory such as the circle of fifths, how scales are formed, and chord composition. You can also find four kinds of exercises on their website to begin practicing.

Pianotrain allows for microphone input and has a virtual keyboard and midi. You can train each hand independently and it measures rhythm in beats and notes with a tolerance that can be adjusted to the needs of each user. Furthermore, this tool generates random scores so you don’t have to use memory mechanically, with different methods of random generation, both total and progressive.

Pianotrain can be configured from a single option in the menu and is currently the only program that includes both learning features: SightReading and SingReading; most only allow one of these two functions.

30 days trial period.

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